NoFap Benefits After One Year

Summary: Abstaining from masturbation has five subtle yet noticeable benefits that will improve your overall peace of mind.

Intro: This is my own experience, so don’t take everything written here as 100% truth. Absorb my theory and adapt it to your own world view.

I’m officially a fapstronaut and this is my 1 year report. It feels like just yesterday that I submitted my 90 day report to the NoFap subreddit. My post was deleted and I received quite a bit of hate but there’s no hard feelings. This is me giving back to the NoFap community whether they like my content or not.


I must mention that I’ve never had a problem with pornography and am in no way an addict. I practice NoFap for the subtle benefits it provides. I also did this experiment on easy mode for most of the year after I decided that having a girlfriend was worth not being horny all the time.

Let’s list the benefits.

  1. Presence
  2. Willpower
  3. Confidence
  4. Happiness
  5. Masculine Energy

Those are the improvements that I can personally confirm. I’ve never had a problem with erectile dysfunction or quality, so I can’t report on those topics. I can’t confirm any physical or biological improvements because I was getting laid regularly meaning I didn’t practice semen retention. All of my results are mental gains.

Now let’s discuss the benefits.

Presence – This is something I noticed after just a few days. Like most men I would get off at least once a day. Being horny made me hyper aware of my presence in a room. It’s very subtle and isn’t something I can easily describe. I practice mindful meditation consistently which may play a factor. It may not be entirely NoFap but I feel it plays a part in staying focused and shifting your mind into a present-oriented state of mind.

Willpower – There’s a new sense of freedom that I’m going to touch on in the next paragraph. I believe it comes from a combination of increased willpower and confidence. It’s a feeling of being able to do anything. I’ll use a fitness example to explain. Sometimes there’s an urge to give up mid workout because my mind and body are exhausted. My mind begins rationalizing reasons why I deserve to stop. But I know I can finish, I’ve done it every workout before this one. It’s similar to how I’ve resisted every urge to fap so far and I’ll resist any more that come my way. The willpower gains from NoFap will cross over into other aspects of your life.

Confidence – Confidence isn’t gained from NoFap, but from the self appreciation of practicing good habits and abstaining from bad ones. Most guys masturbate. Chances are that guy you’re envious of fapped this morning while taking a shit. He was in his most humiliating state just hours ago. That’s something that I can no longer relate to. It’s easy to look a man in the eye and shake his hand when you subconsciously have this advantage.

Happiness – This relates to confidence but in a different way. Fapping sucks and it’s depressing. You know that feeling you get right after you get off? When you’re thinking “What am I doing??” “Why am I wasting time doing this!?” “I don’t need this! I’m gonna start working out and hitting the books right now!” Then 30 minutes later your dick is in your hand. That cycle is unhealthy for your happiness and the self deprecation leads to what the community refers to as brain fog.

Masculine Energy – I saved my favorite benefit for last. Something about abstaining from masturbation makes you more of a man. I can’t explain it biologically but it’s there. Girls are more receptive and men respect your presence. Your voice will be deeper and you’ll be more assertive over what you want. There’s a subtle aura that others react to.

Also worth mentioning:

  • Porn doesn’t turn me on as much
  • Hard mode is called hard mode for a reason
  • It won’t get you laid, but it helps
  • It won’t help if you’re an awkward loser, you need a mission and a plan
  • The benefits shine in other aspects of your life, which is why you need a life purpose
  • It’s not something I think about anymore, it’s just a part of my lifestyle
  • Girls are amazed when they hit me with the “just jack off in the bathroom” line
  • Don’t count the days or measure your self worth by them
  • When an urge comes, remember that you simply don’t masturbate anymore

Lessons Learned:
– NoFap helps you stay present.
– NoFap helps maintain your peace of mind.
– Don’t fap.


Guide To Quitting Porn

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