Mindful Meditation Benefits You Should Know

Summary: Mindful meditation will sharpen your mind and develop your frame.

Intro: This isn’t click-bait about how meditation boosts your immune system or lowers your blood pressure. More importantly, this isn’t second hand information. I wouldn’t write about it if I wasn’t experienced enough to explain it.

I know my target reader. I’m trying to reach those who are actively engaged in self development. People of all ages who want to improve their lifestyle through healthy habits and productivity. That’s why I’m keeping my content direct and experience-based. Welcome the first blog post by The Mindful Alpha.


The benefits of meditation are very subtle, but there’s one benefit that truly impacts your daily life: mindfulness. Mindfulness is best defined as instant clarity. Mindfulness in Plain English describes the process as such:

(a) mindfulness reminds us of what we are supposed to be doing, (b) it sees things as they really are, and (c) it sees the true nature of all phenomena.

Let’s look at this first point carefully.

Mindfulness reminds us of what we are supposed to be doing.

When you’re reading pointless articles instead of writing your essay, mindfulness is what dictates you to stop wasting your valuable time. When you’re at the gym and you suddenly realize you’ve been resting too long between sets. That moment of realization is mindfulness, it happens in an instant. The thought “oh yeah I should be lifting these” occurs after mindfulness.

Mindfulness not a thought, it’s simply awareness. When you sit for twenty minutes focusing on your awareness of your thoughts, you’re developing the habit of mindfulness. Everyone has these moments of clarity, but with consistent practice you’ll experience them frequently throughout your day.

Mindfulness and Frame: Frame is how you view and maneuver through reality. Mindfulness trains you to be aware of your feelings and thought patterns. In effect, mindfulness reminds you of your frame.

Let’s say a man who hasn’t fully internalized his masculinity is insulted. He will most likely react defensively.  With mindfulness, he recognizes his own defensive thought pattern, and just like that his frame is back. Now he displays alpha body language, cracks a smile, and drops his suave comeback

How to Meditate: I’m not going to waste too much time with this. Sit in a quiet room and focus on your breath while noticing your thoughts pass.

Lessons Learned:
– Mindfulness will direct you back to your mission
– Mindfulness will reestablish your frame
– Go meditate

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3 thoughts on “Mindful Meditation Benefits You Should Know

  1. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It’s the little changes that make the most significant changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!


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